- Benefits of using an Action Plan: Some bullet points
- Change and Transition (Courtesy: Bookboon): Basic notes
- Complaint Handling Policy Sample
- Customer Service Policy Sample
- From Belief to Performance to Goals (Courtesy: Bookboon): Basic notes
- Importance of communication and consultation in managing people performance:
  By one of my student Susan M Handouts
- Quality Insurance and Continuous Improvement Policy Sample
- Recordkeeping Policy Sample
- Seven Layers of Dialogue (Courtesy: Bookboon): Basic notes
- Staff Participation in Implementation Process: The Benefits
Student FAQs
Qs 1. What should be included in PEST analysis?
Ans. In PEST analysis you should talk about Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors which may have any input on the issues you are currently facing. For example - Issue # 1: Filling in the position:: Political factor could be change in government policies, leading to mass unemployment OR a policy which may have negative impact on business, and the businesses may start losing customers and consequently they may have to say goodbye to some of their staff members (increase in unemployment); on the other side, a government policy may boost the economy and the businesses may start expanding, unemployment situation starts dropping down and you may face difficulties in finding the right candidates for your job. This may also include introduction of new taxes. Economical factors are usually related with economy in general e.g. increase or decrease in dollar value, drastic changes in cost of living, higher or lower interest rates etc. Social factors can help you to understand your customers. This may include their demographics, data about their lifestyle, education etc. Technological factors help you to assess the impact of introducing new services or products and the related technological needs. For example for filling in the position, you have to rely on different technology platforms like internet (, your own HR software. Similarly your newly recruited staff may need to be trained on and may have to use EFTPOS, POS terminals and/or other food preparation equipment.

Templates, Links and Samples
- 360 Degree Evaluation Survey Template
- Action Plan: Template
- Assessment and Evaluation Sheet Template
- Balanced Scorecard Template
- Coaching Plan Template
- Communication Plan Template
- Competency Checklist Template
- Contingency Plan Template
- Customer Service Plan Template
- Dispute Resolution / Staff Grievance Policy: (Courtesy: University of Queensland)
- Feedback Analysis Spreadsheet Basic Template
- Gantt Chart Template
- GROW Model Template
- Interview Plan Template
- Issues Log Template
- KPIs for Operational & Financial Targets Template
- KPI Samples Template
- Meeting Agenda Template
- Milestone Chart Template
- Minutes of the MeetingTemplate
- Operational Plan: Template
- Operational Plan Status Report Template
- Performance Management Plan Template
- Performance Monitoring Plan Template
- Post-Project Review Survey
- Principles & Techniques of Team Leadership Template
- Professional Development Activities Template
- Professional Development Plan Template
- Project Plan Template
- Project Progress/ Status Report Template
- Reflection report - How to write one? Some valuable guidelines
- Reflection paper - How to write one? A wikihow link
- Skills Matrix Template
- Strengths and Weaknesses Template
- Task List Template
- Team Effectiveness Survey
- Team Policies and Procedures Sample
- Team Roles and Responsibilities Template
- Training Feedback / Training Evaluation Form: Sample
- Training Needs Analysis (TNA): Template
- Training Plan / Learning Plan / Session Plan: Template
- Training Planner Template
- Training Strategy: Template
- Work Plan Template
- Work Schedule Template
- Work Schedule Template
For Greenwich students only (Password protected files)

- How to structure a Report?

- Business Plan AU Hardware
- Operations Manual AU Hardware
- Employee Handbook AU Hardware

BSBWOR502: Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness
- Performance Plan Template
- Third-Party Report Template

- Assessment Task Summary
- Lecture Handouts Session 1
- Lecture Handouts Session 2
- Lecture Handouts Session 3 (Last Lecture)

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